Message from the President

President Carlos Arthur Nuzman

President Carlos Arthur Nuzman

We’re very pleased to present the official website of the South American Sports Organization. In our times, information is an indispensable tool for everybody’s daily life. It crosses borders and reaches the most remote corners of the planet. This reality is highly beneficial to mankind, since the democratization of information spreads knowledge, brings together different groups of people and cultures and enables the exchange of experiences that enhance the value of all men and women.

Sports are one of the few activities in the world that can effectively integrate and foster interaction among different groups of people, races and religions. That is why we are so certain that we are working for the construction of a more harmonious, well-balanced and fraternal world.

The ODESUR website aims at accomplishing two goals: informing and integrating South America from the sports viewpoint. On this website you will find all the information concerning ODESUR, the records of past competitions, the profiles of the 15 National Olympic Committees that integrate ODESUR and links to other websites of the South American sports community.

Welcome to the ODESUR website and surf through the ideals of the Olympic Movement.

Olympic Greetings!

Carlos Arthur Nuzman

President of ODESUR